Le Lys

Men’s fashion designer: the brand name LE LYS

The logo of his men’s fashion brand name created in 2013, LE LYS, does reflect the connection between  tradition and modernity: it evoques a nowadays man, inspired by his culture which he uses as an affirmation of his character, by remaining elegant in all circumsances.
According to Dominique LELYS, ‘chic’ is an accuracy which every man will anyway make his own.
LE LYS style, in such a conception of the world in which being is more important than showing off, can be understood by a luxuous manufacturing, pure and refined material, which will become the showcase of the one who will choose it, such as a second and evident skin, between rigor and fantasy, temper and humor, adequacy and distinction.
Then, a LE LYS garment will find its place in a man’s mind who is conscious he lives in his time, whitout fuss nor publicity, but with serenity and, it is to be said, a cerain nonchalance.
You will now find LE LYS in France, Japan and USA